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About us

Brand B&H has been registered by the Target Group of Companies in 2011 for deliveries a wide range of items for Christmas holiday.

The products under the brand name B&H - are goods that are simple and do not require complex explanations, instructions and expensive packaging. They are in demand by most buyers of Russia as a familiar and traditional, therefore are being brought in a large volume. The uniqueness of our products under the brand B&H is that:

  • commodity presented in a wide range for satisfying the requirements of almost any customer
  • instructions are simple and clear for consumers and retailers, because the whole packing is printed in Russian
  • easy to use, both practical and safe to
  • the goods are exported to Russia fully prepared for sales and meets all legal requirements of the Russian Federation ranging from unit price and ending with the shipping box.
For the best submission we have developed a sales equipment where goods can be delivered directly to the shops in various formats, which significantly simplifies the logistics and allows to set commodity in any place of the store without taking up an extra shelves.

System IN

“System IN” is ideal line for outdoor decorative lighting. LED lights of this series can be connected together to a chain by special connector. The chain of lights can be lengthen up to 2000 LEDs. This advantage of line “System IN” gives ability to use one socket to decorate the whole room. “System IN” includes wide range of lights: chain, net light, cluster and icicle light, lights with decor and without it, with changing color LEDs, with controller and with flash effect.

Lights “System IN” which are connected to chain have reliable power supply. Each light of the chain works in its own mode: lights with controller can be switched to different modes, lights with flash effect has ability to twinkle and so on. The line was created for indoor using where each light can be detailed discovered by person. That’s why we chose the effects which look like the showiest and brightest upon closer inspection, for example, we replaced usual LEDs by matt LEDs. All these advantages of “System IN” help to find the best solution for decoration of any room.

We make wires, plugs and connectors as invisible as it was possible, that’s why lights for windows have transparent wires and lights for decoration Christmas trees have green wires. Nothing can prevent you to enjoy the lighting now!

Assortment of line “System IN” helps you to delight the amazing lighting in your home without any efforts on your part!

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